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In most probably a cheap marketing trick, American Apparel is offering a “Period Power” tee in collaboration with Canadian artist Petra Collins. Petra began her artwork at the age of 15 when she was working as a retail employee at American Apparel.  Now 20, she makes work that explores female sexuality and teen girl culture, which is how the $32 “Period Power” tee came into being. Some of her other Apparel designs include a “Wet Tee,” while she has art projects such as “We All Have Nipples.”

via Buzzfeed

If you saw an unconscious, tied-up woman in the back of a pickup truck, wouldn’t you be extremely alarmed and alert authorities immediately? One Waco, Texas, advertising company is actually selling a very realistic-looking decal portraying exactly that. Hornet Signs created the tailgate decal, and owner Brad Kolb says he “wasn’t expecting” the barrage of negative reactions. The company also creates car wraps depicting an Army soldier aiming a barrel of a gun toward a trailing car, and a zombie creeping out of a pickup. Kolb says orders have actually gone up following the controversy. The bound woman is an employee who volunteered for the photo, Kolb says, and the wrap was placed onto another employee’s truck. “Is it a sick joke or good business marketing?” asks the anchor of TV news station KTEM. Can we agree that a tied-up woman should not be considered either a joke or marketing strategy at all?