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Our SEO partners, Two Moons Consulting give their top three tips to win at content marketing in 2019.

1.     An SEO Content Strategy is Key

Having a documented content strategy can be the differentiating factor between success and failure. In fact, according to 65% of brands, their success with content marketing is a direct result of a well thought-out and detailed content strategy.

2.     Quality Over Quantity For Best SEO Results

2019 will be all about quality content. Millions of pieces of content are published each day, so producing exceptional content that commands attention to stand out from competitors is imperative.

According to Rand Fishkin’s 10x content, content needs to be 10x better than the top result in search engines for a specific keyword or topic to be considered remarkable. Fishkin provides the basic criteria for creating quality content but notes that just a selection of these needs to be actually implemented.

3.     SEO Is Not Just About Written Text Anymore

Over the past few years, visual content has had quite a moment. Text alone is no longer enough to get noticed by search engines and users.

There is countless evidence that visual content gets more engagement and retention rates than simple text, so building these assets into the 2019 strategy is more important than ever.

Find out how your content strategy can take off using Two Moons Consulting for all your SEO requirements in 2019.

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