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My Review of VaporFi

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A Full Overview Of Their Range Of Products

One of the leading providers of e-cigarettes is VaporFi, which has a great range of models, features and functions to choose from, which is part of the reason they’re so popular.

They also provide a great “smoking” experience compared to some of the other brands which is also why this company has become one of the most well-known in the e-cigarette industry and why they are the one that I personally use.

The Vaping Experience With VaporFi

The smoking experience is the most important part of course: thick rich vape, deep inhalation, strong tobacco flavors so you wouldn’t know its water vapour and not smoke you are inhaling. And unless you get this full experience – e-cigarettes may not satisfy you.

How I Started Out With Vaping

I started on disposables (the ones that look like cigarettes and have a filter like cartridge containing the e-liquid which you just throw away and replace as a screw on) and they were great for a few months.

I used Green Smoke at that time, and was pretty satisfied, but I found that the cartridges soon faded in terms of flavor and strength and so my smoke wasn’t consistent from the first inhalation to the last.

Switching Brands And Upgrading Device

After a while I realised that if I was now a true “Vaper”, and not just using e-cigarettes to quit tobacco, and that I was now enjoying them in their own right, that I should shop around and so I tried the refillable / rechargeable types of e-cigs from a range of brands.

VaporFi Pro Starter Kit

vaporfi pro

The Vaporfi Pro

Eventually I found the Pro Starter Kit from VaporFi and found that the extra power the battery gave me, and the extra e-liquid in the mouthpiece just gave me a much, much better inhalation.

I switched over for a while and have not looked back. The basic kit which includes everything you need is $49.99 and the eliquids are $14.99 for 30 ml which lasts me about ten days (formally a one pack a day smoker)

At the end of the day it is the quality of the vape, and a rich tobacco flavor which is going to satisfy you as a smoker who is switching from tobacco. Without these two, it doesn’t matter how good the e-cig is, or how cheap – you just won’t be satisfied.

VaporFi’s personal vaporizer The Pro does it for me. You can check out their website at


What do VaporFi offer?

VaporFi offer a comprehensive range of options to choose from. These options include different types of e-cigarette models themselves, a range of batteries and rechargers, power adaptors, plus the excellent range of starter kits and carry cases.

Finally, VaporFi offer a huge variety of flavored cartridges and e-liquids, so basically everything you need to either get started or to upgrade to a better quality e-cigarette.

3 pack of e-liquids

If you’re new to the e-smoking scene, you’ll need to have an idea about the bare essentials to get you started; something that VaporFi have made a great amount of effort to cover by providing a range of easy to use starter kits to suit your budget.


Starter Kits to get you going

You can choose between six different VaporFi starter kits for the rechargeable / refillable kind of ecig.

• Express Starter Kit – for the complete beginner who just wants to test out the brand, at $29.99 it comes with 2 batteries and cartomiser, a wall adaptor and USB charger. With this you are ready to go.

• Pro Starter Kit – this has a more powerful battery and additional atomisers for $49.99 plus all the recharging gear you need: cable, USB charger and wall adaptor.

vaporzone pro starter kit - a good starting point

• Rebel Starter Kit with this kit you get two choices of battery length, the 600mmAh battery for going out, or the huge 2200mAh for really wowing them. $119

• Pulse Starter Kit – at $119 it comes with a very powerful battery (and spare) at 750mAh, 3.7 volts. It has a futuristic design and a cordless charger with the battery just sitting in a stading circular device. The dream machine!

• Jet Starter Kit – this is very powerful, hence the name the Jet and comes with a 650mAh battery at $79.99

• Air Starter Kit – a bit light on in battery time with this one I feel but a pretty cool design. At $39.99 it includes just the oone 350mAh battery – which won’t last you all day so you will need to buy an extra. It has a mouthpiece, a USB charger and a wall adaptor included.

All the above will require you to also purchase the e-liquid separately (bit silly – I don’t know why they don’t include a bottle in the kit). You can choose from a range of flavors from around $14.99 each 30ml bottle. I find a bottle lasts about 2 weeks.


Disposable vs Rechargeable

You’ll need to decide on the type of e-cigarette that you’d like to purchase when starting out. VaporFi offer both disposable and rechargeable versions, I started out using disposables in the beginning (with a different brand). But it seemed really wasteful throwing away the cartridges all the time, and I found they worked out quite a bit more expensive than using the rechargeable and refillable versions, as in the starter kits above.

Rechargeables Are Cheaper In The Long Run

save moneyWhen I was using cartridges I was spending about $10 per day (I was a former one pack of cigarettes a day smoker).

Despite manufacturers saying one cartridge = one pack of cigarettes I didn’t really find this to be so and I was using 5 cartridges per day.

But by switching to a refillable personal vaporiser (Pro starter Kit) I was able to get my spend down to about $15 for ten days, this is because the e-liquids are a lot cheaper.

You can buy a 30ml bottle for $14.99 and as I said, this lasted me about ten days. But not only did it work out cheaper, but the quality of the flavor is better and consistent from first inhalation til you need to refill.

Rechargeables Have More Power

Also, the batteries with these types of e-cigarettes are much more powerful: which means you get a much stronger “vape” inhalation, but also the battery can last all day. So you don’t have to keep switching batteries as they run out.



vaporzone ecigs batteriesIf you do decide to go down the disposable route, it’s worth bearing in mind that VaporFi offer some of the best disposable e-cigarettes on the market; guaranteed to last as long, if not longer than their leading competitors.

But I think you will quickly want to switch to refillables / rechargables as not only are they cheaper and less wasteful – but the actual experience of “smoking” is a lot more satisfying as you get a deeper inhalation.

disposable vaporzone prefilled ecigarette cartridges



how an ecigarette worksIf you’ve decided to take the rechargeable route, then you’ll have the option of battery packs, recharging kits and other accessories. Most rechargers come with adaptors that will let you use them abroad, in your vehicle, or via direct plug in with a PC or laptop.

It’s this great functionality that actually makes VaporFi less about the hassle and more about the smoking. Each of the starter kits is just that – they give you everything you need to start (except the e liquids) so you don’t need to be concerned about buying add ons – unless you want to start upgrading.

Flavors: e-liquid selection

e-liquids by VaporZoneOne of Vapor Zone’s most popular features is their great range of flavored e-liquids. Unlike smoking regular cigarettes, the functionality available to e-cigarette smokers has been something that’s really added to the experience of smoking – there are a great range of flavors and you can actually mix your own.

The bottom line is that with regular cigarettes, you’re limited to menthol or tobacco tastes whereas you can go for exotic flavors like chocolate with e cigs.

That said, I tried a couple of exotic flavors, and being a long time smoker I find that I prefer the tobacco flavors much more as they replicate the experience of real cigarettes.

But if you fancy something with a little bit of a punch, then you can try some of their unique tastes?

They also allow you to mix and match up to three flavors, so you could end up with some of the most random combinations imaginable, such as chocolate, marshmallow and even Graham crackers! Not for me, but you may like to try them :)


All in all, these are the reasons why VaporFi are so popular in the e-cigarette market and why they are my personal favourite. They don’t just provide a great range of products; they  come with that careful attention to detail, that in my experience, you simply won’t find anywhere else.

They’re fairly priced, constructed from the highest quality materials and even have a warranty should the worst happen.

You can check out their website at


VaporZone electronic cigarettes at Pandagon

My VaporFi e-Cigarette Review

I am a VaporFi e-Cigarette smoker. I have been “vaping” for about two years and have tried a number of brands. I started basically because I wanted to quit smoking – but I would say that I continue with them because I actually prefer them to tobacco now. VaporFi is the brand I recommend – you can find them at

Why I prefer Vaporfi electronic cigarettes to real cigarettes.

I prefer them because I feel a lot better with my health – in fact I feel no negative effects with ecigarettes like I did with tobacco, I breathe easier, don’t feel sick and nauseous, don’t wake up coughing and I no longer smell like an ashtray.

vaporfiBut I do get to enjoy toking on an “e-cigarette” when having a coffee or a drink, or after a meal, or just about any time as I can use them indoors without affecting the people around me or making the house smell – they are odourless and give off no passive smoke.

But the experience is just like a tobacco cigarette in terms of satisfaction – with the right brand, and my personal preference out of all the brands reviewed on my site is VaporFi (which was known until quite recently as VaporZone)


How they have worked out for me?

So what started out as something to use to quit cigarettes has actually become an enjoyment in itself. And I haven’t touched a cigarette (or even thought about it) since the day I switched, which is almost 2 years now. Having tried other methods like gums and patches I would say that this was the perfect solution.


The best I have tried – VaporFi

Having quit tobacco, and realising that eCigarettes were something I enjoyed, I decided to try out different brands from the one I used initially (Green Smoke). I went with a few, trying both the disposable cigarette look alike types and the rechargable/ refillable types that look more like a big fountain pen! After trying the few that I have reviewed on the site I decided to go with VaporFi (or VaporZone).



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