review of some of the best on the market

My Reviews Of The Top Brands On the Market

reviews of the best e-cigarettesI am going to provide information on the best e cigarettes in the market, and break them down into a few groups so that you can easily review by brand or by features that you want in an overview.

I will have the overviews on this page, or you can follow the links to the full reviews either in the sidebar to the right or where they are placed in the overview.

I will look at all the most important features that people are looking for when trying to decide what ecigarette is best for you. I have based this on my own experience – and so it may be a bit subjective, but I have covered everything you need to know including:

Which is the best brand for flavor.

Who makes the best batteries.

What’s the difference between disposable ecigarettes and refillables.

What kind of starter kit should you get.

How do you choose what nicotine level to buy.

All these questions and more will be answered in our extensive reviews and to a certain extent in the comparison summaries below.

So, see our side bar for each of the brands, or go to my comparison summaries by brand and features below, or go directly to my review of what I consider to be the stand out brand Vapor Zone – no called VaporFi.


My Standout Choice : VaporZone VaporFi

Read my Vapor Zone (VaporFi) review here. Or visit their website at


  • Here is a list of the top eCigarettes we review at the site


The Best Brands With The Closest Taste To Real Cigarettes & The Best Features Of Each


What most people are looking for in an e cigarette is the closest taste to their favorite real tobacco cigarette brand, so that is is easier for them to make the switch from tobacco and to have a satisfying experience with vapors. Here are my recommendations to help you make that kind of choice:

Of course, everyone will have a different interpretation of the “tastes” of each e-cigarette – and so trying for yourself is recommended. But based on my experience – these are what the different brands of ecigs approximate with in terms of tobacco cigarettes (there can be a small variation within each brand between the disposables and the rechargeables)

For Marlboro Red: try out the V2 Cigs Red Flavor or VaporZone American Red (now called VaporFi as of July 2014)

Newport: If your brand is Newport, then I suggest South Beach Smoke Menthol

The Winston or Camel kind of flavor: Go for the Bull Smoke Tobacco Blends which give the closest taste to the original cigarette


Brief Comparison Of The Key Points For Each Brand In Bullet Form:


VaporZone (now VaporFi) : Best E-Cigarette For Mods & Tanks


(VaporZone have rebranded as VaporFi July 2014)

vaporfi pro starter kit

•  This is the brand I am currently using. I have the VaporZone Pro pictured above.

•  If you’re looking for the best electronic batteries, mod tanks and e-liquids, check out VaporZone. They have a real nice line of tank systems and upgraded batteries with different range of power.

• They have a very good selection of e-liquid flavors including some authentic tobacco flavors and all the exotics that you could want, also you can customize your own flavor by mixing flavors and they have plenty of information on this on their website.

• Here are are 4 of their starter kits, Rebel, Pulse, Pro and Air.

• They also have standard rechargeable e-cigs with the prefilled cartridges, so you can either go for the type that look like real cigarettes or the personal vaporizer style if you want serious satisfaction but don’t mind them not looking like a tobacco cigarette.

• The delivery times were spot on and there was no messing around when purchasing from their website.

• They are competitively priced with a range of prices for starter kits with the Pro coming in at $49 and $14.99 for e-liquids.

I have personally found the quality of the components to be excellent.

Their website is

The flavors are great and with the powerful battery and excellent range of e-liquids – if you are looking for a strong, full rich vape this will do it for you.

Best to read my full review here 



V2 Cigs: Solid Choice


  • Top quality overall product which is very popular – good flavors and a vape hit on your throat that a real smoker will enjoy when switching. Something of a real similarity to the real cigarette experience. V2 could give you that.
  • Lots of additional accessories and alternatives like the mini tanks (EX Banks), very slim portable charging cases which look great, good new batteries with plenty of power and life, good color options and a starter kit which if you want you can customise to suit your needs.

You can visit the website at: or see my full review here


South Beach Smoke Brand: Good Flavor & Popular Choice


  • This is a solid product that will satisfy with a good range of flavors and good looking cartridge tips..
  • These are very popular and tend to get good consumer reviews.
  • It also has an excellent battery life and you can get a stylish charging case too that looks pretty cool with its LED lights.

Visit their site at: or see my full review here 


Green Smoke (a personal favourite and what I got started with):

gren smoke starter kits

  • This really is a great overall product to get started with as it has with quality parts and good accessories. The flavors are very close to a real cigarette experience (I like the Absolute Tobacco flavour and I tried the menthol they do too). You can’t go wrong with this brand due to the quality of the parts and the flavour. If you want an ecig that looks like a real cigarette, and is satisfying straight away – no need to adapt, then it’s a good starting place.
  • The cartridges last pretty well, but I was getting through about 4 per day  (I was a one pack a day smoker). A good plus is that they have really thick vapour compared to some of the other brands – and this is very important as a smoker will need this “hit” if they aren’t going to miss tobacco.
  • They have some good accessories like the USB e-cig for when you are out of fully charged batteries. You can plug it into your laptop or into a power socket and you are ready to go. It draws slightly differently – but is great when you are out of batteries.. I also like the carry case, which looks like a genuine fancy cigarette case.

This is their site here at : or see my full review here


The Bull Smoke Brand: An Entry Level Brand For Those On A Budget

bull smoke ecigs

  • A great entry level product if you are on a budget and has good flavors which are comparable to V2.
  • Competitive starter kit prices – you can even get started for under 30 bucks.

You can visit their site at: or see my full review here


Halo E Cigarette Brand:

halo ecigs

  • This one has a nice battery life, and an elegant design and feel. The shorter manual battery produces an excellent vape experience.
  • It also has really easy to refill cartridges, and the end piece can be removed by hand.
  • Halo also has a good selection of Refill liquids
  • If you want extra battery life : they have an Upgraded Triton battery, – bigger than the standard battery size so longer life.

You can find their Site: or see my full review here


The Best Of E-Cigs Broken Down By Their Common Features


The brands above are my top picks – but what did I grade them on? I have broken the features down so you can make a selection based on whatever factors are important to you.

  • Cartridge Refills: Best Price – V2 Cigs ($9.95 for 5 cartridges), others can come in at $15 for 30ml
  • Cheapest Starter Kit – Bull Smoke comes out best with $29.95 for a starter kit with 2 batteries and 10 cartridges. (To compare, because the cost can be an important reason for switching to vaping for many people, V2 and South Beach kits both cost $59.95 for similar components, the Green Smoke kit comes in at $59.97 and has only 5 cartridges, together with the battery and a USB cig, and the Halo G6 is $44.99 for 2 batteries and 5 cartridges. VaporZone Pro starter kit is $49 and you get a spare battery, 5 additional atomisers and all the charging equipment – but you have to add on e-liquids at 414.99 a bottle which can last one to two weeks,
  • Best Flavour – V2 Cigs Red, Green Smoke & VaporZone (which is my faborite)
  • Best Battery Life– The Mini Manual Halo Battery (which charges for about an hour, and then lasts much longer than other proportionately sized batteries). Also VaporZone for the personal vaporizer – it can last you all day once fully charged
  • Best Accessories – South Beach Smoke Portable Charging Case with LED lights – but that is not really so important.
  • Best Disposable – V2 Cigs or VaporZone – but again, keep in mind that you won’t get quite the same strength of flavour or draw from disposables as the battery isn’t so strong as it is only designed for one use.
  • Thickest Vapor – Green Smoke… I really enjoy the vape on this – and also my current favorit VaporZone
  • Most Vapor Volume – Standard V2 cartridges are good, GreenSmoke are good – but I have found I have had the most satisfying draw from VaporZone.
  • Longest Lasting Cartridges – Green Smoke but I found I had a much better experience when I switched to the personal vaporizers at VaporZone – but if you are really looking for an ecigarette that looks like a cigarette – then GreenSmoke are great cartridges compared to some others I tried.
  • Cheapest To Maintain – V2, VaporZone and Halo (as you can get refill e-liquids for about $15, which helps you save even more money compared to prefilled cartridges).
  • Most Accessories and Options – V2 – check out the great carrying cases, charging cases, battery color options, and the Ultimate Kit has everything you could want. Plus vaporZone has a great range of full starter kits all the way up to The Pulse at around $159 if you want to fully equip yourself and want to take this seriously!
  • Biggest Throat Hit – Best to opt for highest nicotine range for the best hit– 1.8% or 2.4% (18mg and 24mg respectively) – I also tried the lights and zero nicotine with Green Smoke – but it didn’t really do it for me.


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