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Where To Buy Bitcoins

If you want to get some bitcoins, then you should first know where they can be stored. One of the best options is a bitcoin wallet and there are many different kinds of wallets. Some of them specialise in security, others in privacy and there are also some that were developed to be easy for beginners.

Which one should you use?

Easy wallets

Bitcoin wallets that are user-friendly and easy to navigate are perfect for anybody who is just beginning to use the currency. Experienced users may also want to use an easy wallet, because sometimes having the hard work taken care of can open up other opportunities.

A few easy and user-friendly wallets are Breadwallet and Bitcoin Wallet.

Private wallets

There are also a whole host of wallets that are designed to be as private and secure as possible – and for some this is a huge bonus. In some instances it’s very important to remain anonymous, so if you want privacy and anonymity from your bitcoin wallet; it’s best to pick one that was created to cater to these types of needs over any other wallet.

Some private wallets are AirBitz and Samourai Wallet (however, Samourai Wallet is still new and only available by alpha release on certain Android devices).

Secure wallets

There are a lot of people who are much more bothered about the safety of their bitcoins than by how easy the wallet is to use, or how private it is. I mean, who doesn’t want the safest and most secure wallet possible when it comes to their money?

There are a lot of wallets that specialise in keeping your bitcoins nice and protected, so that only you will be able to access them. There are a lot of wallets that prioritise these types of features, too – and Copay, AirBitz and Samourai Wallet are just a few that can offer you the best protection.

Can I get all of them?

If you’re hoping to get a bit of everything from your wallet, then GreenBits is probably the best wallet for you. Yes, it may not be specialise in one thing – but it’s good because it has a little bit of pretty much everything that you could want.

It’s fast, user-friendly, has strong security features and also has a host of privacy features, too. This is the most versatile wallet in the bitcoin industry, so it may be worth considering if you are looking for functionality.


How should you store Bitcoin after you buy 

Loads of people buy, sell and trade bitcoins. This cryptocurrency has become extremely popular over time and if you’re interested in owning some, then you may need to get a bitcoin wallet to store the bitcoins that you get, as well as keep them safe.

One of the most popular ways to keep your Bitcoins safe are paper wallets and they’re very different from the other kinds of wallet out there. If you want to use a kind of bitcoin wallet that’s favoured by many users all over the world (and one that’s also one of the safest and cheapest options), then you should read on.

What are paper bitcoin wallets?

There’s no doubt that paper bitcoin wallets are popular, but why? Well, not only are they one of the cheapest and safest options, but there are also many different websites that offer paper bitcoin wallet services, too.

Paper wallets create a bitcoin address for you and make an image that will contain two QR codes. One of them is the public address (which you’ll need to receive bitcoins), and the other is the private key (which is what you will use to spend bitcoins that are stored at the address).

Getting a wallet

You won’t have any issues, as you’ll just need to find a website that offers paper wallet services and you’re good to go. However, you do need to be careful with it, because if anybody else gets the private key for your wallet, they can withdraw your bitcoins. For this reason, they need to be kept as safe as possible.

Keeping your wallet safe

If you can keep it safe, then you don’t have a problem. With an online wallet or a hard-drive based wallet, you will be unable to stop attacks from hackers, or malware that could log your keystrokes. Not only that; a stolen laptop or computer could lose you your bitcoins, too.

Paper wallets can be much safer than other kinds of wallets, but you need to keep it safe. If you protect your wallet with care, it can easily protect your digital coins from being lost or being stolen (which nobody wants).

As long as you can keep the wallet safe, it can keep your bitcoins safe. Where digital wallets can be good in their own right, they’re often not as cheap – and they may still be vulnerable to hackers, hard-drive failures and a lot more.

What are the Kinds of Bitcoin Wallets are Available in Australia

Many people have heard of bitcoins; it would be hard not to know of the digital currency, since it has been in the news so often. Hearing so much about them may be enough to make you want to start collecting some of these cool coins, but you first need to know where you will store them.

Bitcoin wallets are the things that keep your digital coins safe (just like a normal wallet), but there are different kinds of wallets available to suit a range of needs. Find out about the different kinds of bitcoin wallets below, if you’re thinking about getting some coins.

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are quite common because they can be used to purchase items in physical shops, whereas other wallets are not able to do so.

Download a wallet app and store your digital coins safely. If you’re a beginner you should consider using a wallet that is simple to use and user friendly. There are a lot of different wallets for mobiles too, so the choice should be pretty straight forward with a little bit of research.

Desktop wallets

Although desktop wallets are also popular and common, as mentioned above, you won’t be able to use the bitcoins that are stored within the wallet to buy things in physical shops. You’ll still be able to buy things online, though. There are a lot of desktop wallets on the market, so you’ll have a lot of choices if you decide that desktop storage is the easiest option for you.

Online wallets

Online bitcoin wallets are similar to desktop and mobile wallets, but they are not apps that need to be installed onto your device. Instead, they’re websites that keep your bitcoins safe. These are a good option as they can be accessed on any device (as long as you have access to the internet, of course).

Paper wallets

Paper wallets are popular because they’re often cheap – and they’re also one of the safest forms of wallet, too. Many websites offer paper wallet services; these types make a bitcoin address and an image that will have two QR codes.

One of those codes is your public address, which you’ll need to receive bitcoins, and the other code is your private key – and this is what you’ll use to spend your bitcoins.

Hardware wallets

These kinds of wallets are perfect for people who need to store a lot of bitcoins and although they’re good, they are still quite new. Because of this, there are not as many hardware wallets available as there are desktop wallets, but they are still very useful.

What are the Differences Between Mobile and Paper Bitcoin Wallets

If you have heard about the popular digital currency on the news or even from people you know, then you may be interested in buying some. Some people get them to sell on when they are worth more money, whereas others buy just to be able to spend them.

Whatever you may want them for, you need a bitcoin wallet (which is different from a normal wallet) to keep them safe and secure. There are 5 different types of bitcoin wallets, and two of the most popular are paper and mobile wallets. Find out what is different between them and why you should use one of them!

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are one of the most common kinds of wallets around. Not only are there a lot of mobile bitcoin wallets available for all kinds of devices, but they also have quite a few benefits, too.

Mobile wallets have the biggest selection out of all of the different types – and they’re easy to access, too. All you need to do is install a wallet onto your phone and then open it to buy things.

What’s cool about mobile wallets is that you aren’t limited to buying things online (like you are with some of the other kinds of wallets), as you can buy things from both online stores and physical shops that are willing to accept the currency, too.

To date, not all shops accept bitcoin as payment – but there are many that do across a range of niches (i.e. from clothing boutiques to restaurants).

Paper wallets

These kinds of wallets are popular because they’re cheap and also one of the most secure kinds of wallets if taken care of. To get one, simply find a website that offers them and you’re good to go!

These kinds of bitcoin wallets generate a bitcoin address for you to use and they also generate an image that will have 2 QR codes.

One of these codes will be your public address and the other one a private key. The public key will allow you to receive bitcoins and the private key is what you will need to spend your bitcoins that are stored at the public address.

However, if you get a paper wallet, you need to keep it safe. If anybody gets the private key for your bitcoin wallet, then they will be able to withdraw your bitcoins, so make sure to keep your personal information close at hand.

Now You Know What Type of Wallet to Use When You Buy Bitcoin – Which Bitcoin Wallet Should You Use

As you may already know, bitcoin wallets are used to store bitcoins. However, instead having one official exchange, there are loads all over the world. This can make it quite tricky to decide which wallet to use, especially since some have their own unique features and functions.

Here are a few bitcoin wallets that you may want to use, but you should remember that these are not all of the ones available. If you don’t like any of these, there are loads more for you to choose from. These are just some of the best and most popular on the current market.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet was the first bitcoin mobile app ever and it was designed specifically to make this currency simple to use at a time when other, similar apps were limited. It has a simple design that enables you to pay for something quite quickly by scanning the QR code, which is a huge bonus.


BitPay is one of the most well-known wallets out there. It can help a user to store bitcoins, accept them for their business, or even convert them into any currency using their card feature. Bitpay makes managing your transactions and bitcoin finances easy, so it’s great for beginners.

Samourai Wallet

Although Samourai Wallet is still a new bitcoin wallet, it claims to be the most secure, private and anonymous wallet of them all. It has military grade encryption and is only available through alpha release on Android devices.

So, even though it’s still in its early stages, it promises to protect the privacy and identity of the people who use it. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Bitcoin Checker

If you have enough bitcoin that you’re not using, you might want to be able to monitor the value of your coins. Since the price of bitcoins can rise and drop within a matter of days, it can be quite handy to be able to check how much your bitcoins are worth.

This wallet allows you to monitor the major crypto-currencies from over eighty different stock exchanges across the globe – and it gives you a wide range of bitcoins to monitor, too. If you’re thinking of buying bitcoins just to sell for a profit later, then you really should think about using this app.


GreenBits is great because it has a little bit of everything. It’s a wallet that’s not only fast and easy to use, but it’s also one with multi-signature features and even has strong security and privacy features, too. It’s like an all-in-one wallet!