What is Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment?

If you’ve been searching for the best solutions for curing addiction, you may have come across a type of program called dual diagnosis treatment, which can make have a huge impact on the lives of many addicts.

It is important to first consider that this type of treatment may not be available to all addicts, as it’s more effective for those who suffer from both an addiction and a mental health issue. Learn more about this type of treatment and find out you could be entitled to benefit from its care (or maybe if somebody close to you is) below.

The link between addiction and mental health

Many people may not realize this, but sometimes addictions and mental illnesses can be linked. It can vary depending on the person, but since substance disorders and mental health issues can both affect people physically and mentally, one is often formed because of the other – or at the very least, can be intensified.

For example, the abuse of alcohol and most types of drugs can form illnesses such as depression, whereas some people with existing issues may begin to take narcotics as a way to self-medicate.

It’s not surprising that this occurs often, and there are even more ways that these instances can be linked. One of the more worrying insights is that many users don’t realize that they have formed psychological problems from their substance abuse, and this is why dual diagnosis treatment can be so important.

Co-occurring disorders with substance abuse

If a person has issues with substance abuse and a mental illness, then they’re likely to have what’s known as a co-occurring disorder. In instances such as these, both mental health issues and addictions are made worse – which often makes it harder for a person to get the help that they need.

One problem can be cured, but if the other one is left to continue, the sufferer may find themselves back at square one in terms of recovery. However, this doesn’t mean that a person with both issues cannot be helped; it just means that they may need more extensive and personalized treatment in order to not just get better, but to stay better.

This is where dual treatments can come in.

What is dual treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

This type of treatment is often tailored to help cure both the dependency and the mental health issue that an addict suffers with. There are many ways that their needs can vary; from heroin abuse and depression, to alcohol and anxiety disorders.

When a person receives help and care for both of the issues that they suffer with in specific, there’s a much higher chance that they’ll overcome them, and stay sober well into the future.

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