Is It Safe To Use Marijuana

How Safe Is Marijuana

Although many people want marijuana to be legalized, you may still wonder whether it’s safe to use or not. The thing is, as with many things, it’s not safe to abuse it; but when used for medical reasons properly, it can be used to help treat a range of conditions.

Like many other drugs, it is addictive – and there are issues that come with over-use.

So, is it safe to use marijuana?

As mentioned above, it’s not safe to abuse this narcotic – meaning that users should refrain from consistent or prolonged use. So, why do so many people want it to be legalized?

Well, the reason why there are a lot of people who want it to be made legal is because it has many medical properties that can be used to aid in the treatment of a whole host of ailments.

The issue is that if it were legalized, many people would wrongly abuse it, which can cause health issues rather than cure them. Abusing marijuana isn’t safe – and can actually cause quite a few mental and physical health conditions. However, if it was used properly, it could save a lot of lives.

What health conditions can marijuana abuse cause?

When abused heavily or chronically, marijuana can cause a variety of issues. Mental health problems such as paranoia, depression and severe anxiety can all be formed as a result of overusing this substance – and it can worsen these conditions if they already exist within the user in question.

Long term abuse can affect blood pressure and this can lead to heart problems. Lung disease and cancer can also be caused by taking marijuana too, especially if it is smoked alongside tobacco. This drug is also highly addictive and users can form a dependency quite quickly.

Can rehab help people who are addicted to marijuana?

Rehab centres are known for being able to help people with narcotic dependencies and although marijuana addictions can be very strong, treatment clinics can make a difference.

They offer professional treatment and care to drug addicts – and these are often offered on an out-patient basis to those with these types of addictions.

The reason for this is that use tends to be moderate – effecting the user and their own well-being more so than other dependencies. Outpatient facilities can aid in recovery, without impacting too heavily on the users day-to-day life – and many users are more likely to seek help if their treatment is more low-key and tailored to their needs. More at