Does Christian Rehab Addiction Treatment Work?

How Does Christian Addiction Treatment Work?

Christian rehab and addiction treatment differs from many other types offered by rehab centers, mainly due to the fact that it relies quite heavily on spiritual solutions throughout the recovery process. Where some rehabs will simply offer detox and counselling options – those that are based around religion will typically offer these features and more; in the form of 12 step programs, or spiritual therapies.

How does a religious addiction rehab work?

In most cases a patient will be evaluated as soon as they are admitted to the rehab clinic. Some may have more serious ailments than others, and that’s why most medical experts present on site will undertake an extensive check of the patient’s condition. At this stage there will typically be three or four treatments suggested.

The first will relate to those that aren’t deemed to be suffering with extreme addictions; their recovery may involve a bit of counselling at the very least. If they are considered to be more dependent on drugs or alcohol than others in their position, then the second solution will be to introduce them to a detoxing treatment.

Thirdly, counselling will be offered throughout any treatment undertaken, and this will often take place in groups of peers, or on an individual basis depending on the needs of the patient. These three solutions are fairly common within your average rehab, but those that offer a spiritual level of treatment will often introduce a fourth alternative – and it’s this one that sets Christian clinics apart from regular ones. A Christian rehab in Florida with a good reputation is

What is this treatment?

In a nutshell it’s a selection of therapies and practices that relate to prayer, meditation, and other spiritual aspects of a recovery program. The 12 step program is famous for its use of Christian beliefs, but there are other treatments that also rely on similar activities to encourage the recovery of patients and addicts.

A Christian rehab center will often dedicate their services to particular branches of recovery, namely medicine (such as detoxing), therapy (such as with counselling), and spiritual growth (through prayer and other similar activities).

Where many rehabs make use of medical solutions alone, those that incorporate a spiritual aspect are often considered as the most successful. Their success it put down to the fact that where many individuals may benefit from detox to rid their bodies of toxins and addictive substances; these individuals will often struggle to come to terms with their condition on an emotional level.

And this is where spirituality can play a key role in recovery. By utilizing the option to explore a world outside of everyday life and get to grips with the possibility of fate, karma, being guided by a higher power, and being able to entrust one’s recovery to ‘god’; it can be possible to promote recovery on an esoteric level – and many believe that this can encourage an individual to trust that they are being looked after.