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Making the Most of Your Gaming Set Up Using Your Smart TV and VCR


If there’s one thing that really separates the men from the boys, it’s how well their gaming set up works. It’s easy to keep things simple and settle for standard cables, basic hardware and bland accessories, but what about making a little bit of effort, so that your gaming experience is maximized? The greatest thing about it is that you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount to get your set up performing to its maximum either! You can now easily fix up your HD TV, your gaming station, your computer and even your VCR.


Something that most people overlook is that technology is always changing. The cables that you used a few years ago might have been completely revamped recently. That’s never been truer than with HDMI cables. The great thing about an HDMI cable is that it’s all inclusive; it covers the audio and visual aspects, so you won’t have to put up with those flailing cables from your RGB set up. It’s not just the single cable that HDMIs boast; they excel at what they do.


They actually provide some of the fastest audio/ visual data transfer rates of any cable, if not the fastest. Combine that with the fact that the HD part of HDMI stands for high definition and you have a screen that’s displaying the latest graphics, exactly how they were intended to be viewed. Most modern consoles, televisions and computer screens are compatible with HDMI cables, so there’s really no excuse to avoid picking one of these bad boys up and enjoy the gaming enhancement.


If you’re really interested in making the most of your surround sound, what a lot of people ignore is that their surround sound system isn’t actually surrounding them. You might have a few speakers set up in front, behind and to your left and right, but you’re missing one of the most important places for sound to travel from; above!


Ceiling speakers won’t detract from your gaming experience – if anything, they’ll enhance it in a way that you’ll only appreciate from experiencing the real thing. If you’re playing one of the latest shooters, chances are that the sound of a grenade won’t stop just above your head. It will explode everywhere! So you can see why the idea of ceiling speakers is a good one.


If ceiling speakers aren’t for you then you still don’t need to lose out. Hifi speakers are a great way to get a bit of extra bass from your gaming experience, without taking up any more room than expected. The good thing about hifi speakers is that they’re compatible with all types of hardware, so you can plug them in to your PC, your console or even your television. Most hifi speakers also come with their own bass and treble controls, so you can find a setting that you like and then run with it.


These are just a few ways of improving your gaming set up. For a whole host of products including the ones above that are guaranteed to get your heart racing, visit