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How Long Can it Take to Construct a Home from Scratch?

When buying a home construction set, most manufacturing agencies will work directly with their clients to ensure that the package will suit their needs in their entirety. Buying a kit can save hundreds of thousands of dollars; but as the pieces will need to be constructed in order to make the home functional, the time and effort required to complete the build can be quite substantial. When planning a kit home construction project, many buyers find themselves wondering how long the entire project could take.

Depending on the location within Australia, the waiting times for planning permission can contribute to the duration of the home construction project. There are several other factors to consider that may extend the duration of the project, so here’s a closer look at each of them.

Finding a suitable plot in Texas

In order for a home to be constructed, a suitable plot of land will need to be purchased. The size available will dictate the layout and shape of the home, so the buyer should definitely consider their wants and needs when thinking about the type of house that they will want to build. Fortunately, DIY home kits can be personalised from the ground up, so it can be possible to have a specific shape designed if the plot of land is especially awkward.

Laying the foundations

As simple as it might seem for a kit to be erected onto a plot of land and then utilised as soon as it’s ready; these builds are never advised. Seismic activity and even strong winds can take their toll on a property that doesn’t possess suitable foundations; and in extreme cases irreparable damage can occur. Although excessively strong natural disasters are unlikely within regions like Sydney, that’s not to say that all home owners shouldn’t take precautions. This is where having a block of concrete laid to be used as the foundation for the home can be beneficial.

Designing a home

With the plot purchased, the foundations laid and the space available for a construction, the final step is to complete the design of the home. This can be done manually by the home owner, or with the help of a manufacturing company. In general, the layout of the home should be decided first; including the position of rooms and facilities. Then a size should be assigned to each room (with a measurement in metre squares). Finally, the height of the home will need to be defined with a volume in metres cubed.

Overall, if the financial capabilities are present to take care of any land purchases, DIY packages and other transportation and set up fees; the total time to construct a home like this (including buying the land) can take up to 6 months. Less if the land is already available and the home owner can dedicate more time to the build; or more if the financial capabilities aren’t present and may require further investments.