How Is SEO Affected by Google’s Algorithms?

How Is SEO Affected by Google’s Algorithms?

Google is widely regarded as the world’s largest search engine. In order to have achieved this status, the platform would have had to have undergone extensive growth and one of the main ways that it did so was by developing and introducing algorithms. These algorithms, such as the Hummingbird algorithm, are advanced pieces of software that can scan an entire website’s infrastructure in a matter of seconds, cross-reference this information and then gauge the relevance of a site and where it should be displayed within search results.

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How does the search engine work?

According to the SEO company Sydney Search Results whenever a new or existing website is scanned by an algorithm, the data will be collated and then organised based on what Google deems to be a priority. This is why certain websites display at the top of search results and others can be found within further pages. The higher the result, the more that Google sees the site as a priority.

Whenever a user searches for something in particular, Google will cross-reference the search in a matter of seconds and then present the most relevant results to the searcher. In order to ensure that these results are as relevant as possible, Google uses a crawler to scan and compare the on-page and off-page data, and this is where search engine optimisation comes into play.

How does the Google crawler work?

The crawler works by evaluating the data structure of any given websites and then cross-referencing this information with calculations and tools to gauge the position of search results. With SEO it can be possible to provide additional information to Google that can help to ensure that it sees a particular website as more of a priority.

With techniques such as backlink implementation, on-page content, off-page strategies and other methods, it can be possible to take full advantage of a Google algorithm for SEO purposes. As long as the techniques used are organic in nature and help to promote the reputation of a website in the eyes of a search engine, the risks can be fairly minimal – and even more so if a reliable expert is hired to take care of the technicalities.

Just a quick search for how search engine works step by step should provide further information on the exact activities of protocols such as Penguin and Hummingbird. By understanding these crawlers it can be possible to work within their confines and policies to minimise the risk that SEO techniques can have on a website’s performance.

What is Google Hummingbird and what is Penguin?

These are the names of two algorithms that Google released and both are still in action as of 2017. They each have their own responsibilities and include checking that a website is ranking naturally and without tampering – and this is why hiring an SEO expert can be so beneficial, as they will typically understand how best to adhere to the strict policies proposed by Google.