Brian Freeman Australia Adventurer

Brian Freeman is one of Australia’s most accomplished adventurers of recent decades, and certainly, one of a handful of the world’s current leading Adventurers (although currently Grounded due to COVID).

Brian Freeman Australian Adventurer Achievements

Brian Freeman: Fastest crossing in a kayak from Australia to PNG followed by a traverse of the Kokoda Trail, full journey Cape York to Kokoda 5.5 days (2010)

Brian Freeman the only person to run Australia’s northern most point (Tip of Cape York) to southern most point (South East Cape Tasmania) including kayaking across Bass Strait. Full journey 85 days, 6000+ km (2015)

Brian Freeman is a Three-time International Climb Team Member and Summiteer Mount Everest (2016)

Brian Freeman completed 65 marathon and half marathon runs (combined distances 65km) in 65 consecutive days (2015)

Brian Freeman has 59 completed crossings of the Kokoda Trail (2002 – 2019)

Brian Freeman : Two crossings of Australia’s Simpson Desert, on foot through the geographical centre of the desert (2008, 2009)

Brian Freeman : Two crossings of Bass Strait by kayak; second crossing in winter, unsupported, one kayak in the second fastest time for a kayak crossing of Bass Strait, 60 hours and 16 minutes (2015)

Brian Freeman : Swam the infamous Melbourne ‘RIP’ – Head of Port Phillip Bay, Port Nepean to Port Londsdale (2019)

Brian Freeman :Walked unsupported from Australia’s eastern most point (Byron Bay Lighthouse) to western most point (Shark Bay); a further 5500 plus kilometres