buying review guide for the best electronic cigarettes 2014

Buying Guide To The Best Electronic Cigarettes In 2014

E-Cigarettes, What Are They?

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We’ve all heard the hype about these modern versions of your typical cigarette, but what exactly are e-cigarettes? Well the first thing that you might want to know is that they aren’t actually like regular cigarettes at all, beyond the standard appearance and the method of inhalation! In fact they are so different on so many different levels that many healthcare professionals, habitual smokers and everyone else in between have said that they could be the way forwards when it comes to the habit of smoking!

These nifty little devices are carefully developed tools that provide smokers with a dose of nicotine to match that of their regular cigarette brands (or lower doses depending on individual preference) in a way that is considered much less harmful to them and more widely, people in close contact with them. Because e-cigarettes are electronic they can often be recharged or refilled and can outlast regular cigarettes in comparison (see our reviews of the best e-cigarettes to discover which ones have the best overall features).

Why were e-cigarettes created?

E-cigarettes were originally released to the general public in 2004 after being extensively developed and have taken off around the world in countries like the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. Their main purpose wasn’t actually to enter the market as a new brand, but to help people that are looking for an alternative way to enjoy their smoking habit with a much lower chance of developing specific medical conditions. Cancer, lung disease and organ damage are all commonly associated with the burning and inhalation of tobacco (and a myriad of other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes!) so e-cigarettes work specifically to negate as many of these factors as possible.

After their initial release, e-cigarettes were lauded as possibly one of the most effective methods of replacement for traditional cigarettes, not only for boasting a huge reduction in the above health risks, but also for completely eliminating the chance of second hand smoking, too. Where a regular cigarette contains tobacco, an e-cigarette contains none at all, and when you add that to the self contained nature of the device, you’ve got a winning combination!

What are the differences between a traditional cigarette and an e-cigarette?

Besides the customizable options and the look and feel that some of the e-cigarette brands offer, the primary (and the most important!) difference between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes is what the smoker is actually ingesting. A regular cigarette creates smoke as tobacco and nicotine is burned, allowing the user to inhale and ingest the resulting fumes. An e-cigarette on the other hand has electronic mechanisms that heat a nicotine-based liquid filled cartridge that is contained within the device, allowing a smoker to ingest a light vapor mist. Not only is the latter process far less harmful than the process that warrants the inhaling of actual smoke, but it removes the need for all of the added harmful toxins that traditional cigarettes both contain and create as they burn.

So when somebody asks you what an e-cigarette is you can say that it’s a great device that you can use to protect both yourself and those around you from the harmful effects of smoking! What’s more, they’re fairly priced (and much cheaper than traditional cigarettes overall) and they come in a huge variety of styles and flavors.

E Cigarettes And the Culture Wars

With Los Angeles’ move to ban electronic cigarettes from public spaces they could soon be joining Chicago, New York, and others who have restricted the use of this popular and controversial innovation.

Unfortunately, those lobbying against e-cigarettes aren’t solely concerned with the health risks of the devices. Many are fearful of the possibility for e-cigarettes to become a gateway drug, or at least an innocent way for non-smokers to start before taking up normal cigarettes as well due to nicotine addiction. Also, though e-cigarette marketers are not targeting younger audiences, their usage of words like “e-hookahs” or “vape pens” seem to be shedding a light on e-cigarettes that makes them sound harmless. This could further hook young people and critics are using the fear of creating new smokers to drive their war against e-cigarettes.

Some are fighting back by arguing that the question of whether e-cigarettes are acceptable is no longer based on empirical evidence. While more studies need to be done there is no reason to believe that e-cigarettes will function as a gateway drug, nor is there proof that e-cigarette smokers will start using traditional tobacco products. Instead, there is a claim, forwarded by Will Saletan and Amanda Marcotte of Slate, that this war is really the result of cultural anxieties that we as a society have over smoking in general. Ever since Tobacco Companies lied about the harmfulness of smoking in the past society has ostracized smokers in its attempts to get rid of smoking entirely. The distaste the U.S. has for smoking is within the public’s consciousness – it’s acceptable to disapprove of or condemn anyone who smokes.