Only 1 in 18 Guests to David Cameron’s Dinners Are Women

Just five women are among the 91 people who have been entertained at private dinners with David Cameron and senior ministers. Figures taken from lists — published by the Conservative Party since a scandal over exclusive suppers at Number 10 — show that twice as many men called ‘Michael’ have been guests at at the so-called Leaders’ Group Meals.

The news will come as yet another blow to the Tories over their ‘women problem’, exacerbated by gaffes from David Cameron — who told a Labour frontbencher “calm down, dear” — and William Hague — who referred to another female MP as a “stupid woman”.

And despite Tory spin over the inclusion of more women in the cabinet, just one minister (Theresa May) has attended the meals. The lucky females are:

Men called ‘Michael’ are more in demand:

  • Michael Farmer
  • Michael Batt
  • Michael Davis
  • Michael Gove
  • Michael Alen-Buckley
  • Michael Gutman
  • Michael Hintze
  • Michael Spencer
  • Michael Fallon
  • Michael Freeman

Perhaps the BBC Comedy sketch of ‘Women: know your limits!’ has had an affect?


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