10 Days In A Madhouse – Dramatic Feature Film

10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE is a feature motion picture thriller set in the post Civil War era as “The Greatest Reporter in America,” Nellie Bly goes undercover in a notorious woman’s insane asylum to expose atrocities, abuse, rape and murder.

The feature length movie thriller 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE chronicles the real life experiences of Nellie Bly, who was born during the Civil War and in a world run by men was called “the greatest reporter in America,” “fearless,” and, “daredevil reporter.” The creators of Superman based his counterpart, reporter Lois Lane, on Nellie Bly. Bly circled the globe in 72 days, worked as an elephant trainer and risked her life time and again going undercover in crime and slavery rings to bring horrors against the helpless to light. At 23 she feigned mental illness to go undercover in the notorious Blackwell’s Island Woman’s Insane Asylum to expose atrocities, abuse rape and murder.

The film makers are looking for additional funding to start filming 10 Days in a Mad House. If you’d like to support this project please visit:



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